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BELOGIQ is a consultancy company, with origins in Poland, that offers to its Clients support in internationalization. We specialize in expansion of activities and technology trasfers between Poland, Estonia and Finland.
Do you think of product export-import or sourcing from abroad? Do you wish to improve your organization or product to rise your competitivness on local market? Or maybe you look for subcontrators or additional qualified employees to complete your project on time? We are ready to help.


We are sorry to inform, that due to hospitalisation of one of our owners and key specialists in environmental protection filed, BELOGIQ activities in that sector will be temporarily limited at Polish market. We would like to thank all our customers and partners for understanding. 

For those interested in other business sectors, we are more than happy to offer support in cooperation with our well-established Finnish and Estonian partners.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Import-export of technology and resources

Easy access to broadband internet, availability of highly educated and experienced ICT professionals (programmers, architects and analysts) as well as size and dynamics of Polish market - all create unique opportunites for potential foreign investors or for Polish enterprises interested in exporting their IT specialists and innovative technologies abroad.
We offer complex services for all those processes in respective markets of Poland, Estonia and Finland. 


Management, support and asessments

We take care of professional consultancy in wide range of environmental projects in Poland – both for public administration and private enterprises. We support daily operations, lead through investment processes or help in extraordinary situations in all kind of aspects: legal, financial, designing and technological. Thanks to our broad experience, we smoothly handle projects according to Polish environmental protection law, construction law and environmental management systems.


Sourcing of Polish steel constructions and qualified workforce

Modern construction in energy, industry or communal sectors require close cooperation between investor and multiple subcontractors. International cooperation became a common standard, which allows just-in-time deliveries as well as construction elements delivery with assembly. We offer support to investors by finding suitable subcontractors in local and foreign markets. We match best Polish steel construction manufacturers with projects in Scandinavia. 


Implementation of innovative energy sources

We provide complete consultancy services and support of investments related to production of green energy - heat and electricity produced from alternative sources (biogas, biomass, wind energy). We promote BAT technologies in Poland - especially those originating from Scandinavia - and match technology providers with most suitable investment projects. We help our Customers in investment planning (legal and environmental issues) and choice of the best suitable technology for energy production (technical and economical issues).